Bonus ? Yes we giveaway bonus unlimted

Bonus update (2022-08)

  • 1st deposit bonus > X88 pragmatic slot FREE SPINS + deposit bonus + lucky bonus (min. deposit to get X88 is 50.00) (bonus will added to your account “Bonus” page next day.)

  • Deposit bonus > every deposit give bonus(bonus will added to your account “Bonus” page next day).

  • Lucky bonus > lucky bonus giveaway everyday, you will received email notice when you have bonus in your account.

How to redeem bonus ?
Go to your “Bonus” page to redeem your available bonus. If you see notice icon in your Bonus page mean you have bonus.

Just click the redeem button to redeem your bonus. Fast and Easy

If you received bonus coupon you may redeem manually at “Submit a coupon” than click Submit, sometime we sent out coupon by email. :blush:

You can check your redeemed history by click the “Redeemed Coupon History” button

Redeemed history

Available slot mean the game you can play FREE SPINS, go to Pragmatic Slot and select one of the available game to enjoy FREE SPINS.