"Discover the Joy of Winning with Evo888's Triple Fortune Dragon: Winning Tips & Hacks!"

Discover the Joy of Winning with Evo888's Triple Fortune Dragon: Winning Tips & Hacks!

Image of the Evo888 Triple Fortune Dragon game

Tired of losing on slots? Evo888 has a brand new solution to get you to the winner’s circle. Introducing the Triple Fortune Dragon, a progressive slots game from their huge portfolio of casino games that could just land you some serious cash!

Part of the IGT Wild and Wolf family of games, Triple Fortune Dragon stands out for its generous potential for big wins! The usual gameplay of a slot is accented with a Spin to Win feature, convenient auto play and even a chance for multipliers, all of which makes this a great game for beginners and pros alike.

Get to know Triple Fortune Dragon: A Quick Walkthrough of the Features

This five-reel, 243-way slots game looks lightweight at first glance, and indeed it is — but it can turn on impressive jackpot returns with just a little bit of luck.

  • Wilds, Scatters and more: Enjoy three wild symbols, a scatter symbol and even a feature symbol for even more potential wins.
  • Animated Gameplay: Triple Fortune Dragon really brings the game to life with its vibrant animated symbols that add some fun to the whole experience.
  • Triple Fortune Dragon Feature: Land at least three feature symbols to trigger this mini-game, where you can spin colored wheels and watch as your prizes mount up.
  • Auto-play: The convenient auto-play feature leaves all the decisions up to you, so you don't have to worry about pressing a button every time you want to spin.
  • Spin to Win Feature: Get your hands on multipliers, free spins, the mini-game and other great bonuses with this feature. It's available on random spins or from a random symbol combination, making it easy to trigger.

Top Tips & Hacks for Winning

Check out some of our winning hacks for Triple Fortune Dragon to maximize your chances of getting the jackpot or any other big win from the game:

  • Bet big to win big: The more you bet, the higher your potential for a major payout. This is a particularly useful technique for bolstering your chances of triggering the Spin to Win bonus.
  • Spin to Win bonus: Once you trigger the bonus round, take full advantage of the free spins and multipliers that come with it. Try spinning several times until you get something fairly high, before quitting the bonus round.
  • Know when to quit: Sure, you want to win, but pumping more and more money into the game can turn a good session sour in a hurry. Know when to stop and take your winnings — it can be tempting to press your luck, but you don't want to end up back at zero!

Ready to Play?

If you're looking for a great slots game, then you can't go wrong with Triple Fortune Dragon. Get ready for some serious action and get spinning to win big!

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