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: A Look into Its Rules and Regulations

Ice Hockey: A Look into Its Rules and Regulations

Ice hockey has become increasingly popular in the world of sports in recent years. It’s an exciting and thrilling sport to watch and play. But, with its rising popularity many don’t know the rules of the game. This article will give a small overview of the rules and regulations of ice hockey.


Ice hockey is a fast-paced contact sport played between two teams on a large flat ice surface. Each team is composed of 5 players; 1 goaltender and 4 skaters. The objective of the game is to score more goals than the opposing team.


There are two basic sets of rules when playing ice hockey: the rules of play and penalties.

Rules of Play

  • The faceoff begins the game and most periods of play.
  • Teams are allowed to have a maximum of 6 players on the ice at any time, including the goaltender.
  • If the puck is shot out of play, the play should stop and there will be a face-off in the neutral zone.
  • When the puck is hit off a player’s body and out of play, the play should stop, and there will be a face-off at the nearest faceoff circle.
  • If the puck is hit into the defensive zone and out of play, then there will be a face-off at the nearest face-off circle in the attacking zone.
  • During any stoppage, only the team captain can talk to the referee.
  • Icing will be called if the puck is shot from the attacking team’s side of the center red line and crosses the opposition’s goal line.
  • A goal is scored when the puck completely crosses the goal line between the two posts and under the crossbar.


  • *Any player deemed to have interfered, impeded, or blocked the flow of the opposing player or the puck will be penalized.
  • If a player uses any gesture or starts a fight with an opposition player, he/she will also be penalized.
  • High sticking will also result in a penalty if the player’s stick is held at such a height that it causes harm to his/her opposition.
  • Cross checking is another penalty that will be called when a player uses their arms and hands in order to push or hit an opposing player.
  • Tripping is also considered a penalty when a player uses his/her stick, skates, or body in a way that causes their opponent to trip and fall.

Ice hockey is an incredibly exciting game to both watch and play. Whether you’re new to the game or a expert, understanding the rules and regulations can help you enjoy the game in a more interactive way.

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