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Big Golden India

For centuries India has been known for its rich and diverse culture. From its ancient land of Vedic civilization and the British Raj, India has been called the Golden Bird. It is a country many people from the West, and the world, travel to explore. But India’s changing face is indicative of a new and emerging India: Big Golden India.

The evolving infrastructure, educated population and booming economy is making India a potential superpower. Industries such as IT, rickshaws, manufacturing, and even agricultural are seeing radical changes in their structure. The nation’s economy is estimated to double by 2020, and the stock market is experiencing growth actively. An increasing number of foreign companies are setting up shop in India, and are increasingly seeing the country as an ideal market.

Digital India is now driving the country’s economy, with major companies like Amazon and Walmart leveraging their technology to tap into the potential market. Startups have seen unprecedented growth, with technology-driven solutions disrupting the traditional sector. Big data and analytics, AI, automation, and robotics are also influencing the way organizations operate in India. The success of these initiatives indicate that India is on the brink of a digital revolution.

The country’s education system is also being modernized with the integration of new technologies such as AR/VR, IoT, and more. The government has been actively focusing on creating the best educational environment for India’s future generations. The government’s commitment has seen a huge influx of private sector investments in the educational sector, making it more accessible for people from all backgrounds.

India is also at the forefront of scientific advances. A number of researchers have developed innovative solutions in fields of biomedical engineering, robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and many more. There are several research institutes and tech hubs focussing on new-age technology. This includes investments by research agencies and venture capitalists. There is a huge potential for knowledge-based start-ups in India, and many initiatives are being undertaken to drive the country into a new level of development.

Big Golden India embodies the spirit of progress in the making. It is reflective of the country’s newfound position in the new world order. India is now brimming with opportunities and has become a hub for innovation and growth. It’s a land of innovation and excellence for all.

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